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Groom putting a ring to the Bride

Considerations When Looking for a Wedding Venue

A wedding in Kansas can be a magical affair if you have the right venue and invited your favorite people to witness the ceremony. The reception is as important as the wedding ceremony itself, and it’s where all the fun happens. With that said, you want a...

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Wedding Themes: Make Your Barn Wedding Stand Out

Navigating wedding themes can be a no mean feat, and you could be pulling your hair out in frustration by the end of it. Fret not, however. You have every opportunity to have a unique wedding. From festival circuit chic to classical 1950s vintage, there are e...


You Already Have a Wedding Planner: Do You Still Need a Wedding Designer?

When planning a wedding, you might want to hire the services of a planner to bring your vision of a ...

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Things to Take Note of Before You Hire a Wedding Caterer

Weddings are big social affairs that everyone remembers many years after. Apart from an impressive v...

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4 Tips to Make Your Wedding in Kansas Memorable

When it comes to organizing weddings, Kansas is not exactly the first thing that comes to people&...