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If it’s easy to wake up early in the morning, more people would be doing it. more Before you schedule that next extravagant team vacation or newest game system more In a 2015 study, researchers found that Americans are still getting fatter more Everyone wants a better life, more options, more success, and plenty of more Going completely gluten-free can be quite a challenge. However, it does not more

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cowboy outfit

3 Ways You Can Build Your Cowboy Outfit with Some Modern Flair

The wild, wild west has many style inspirations that you can apply to your own personal flair. This ...

a hair stylist cutting hair

Is Your Hair Stylist Using the Right Scissors?

If you have a thick mane of hair, you know how hot it can get during summer. Barbers and hair stylis...

a chef preparing the food

Things to Take Note of Before You Hire a Wedding Caterer

Weddings are big social affairs that everyone remembers many years after. Apart from an impressive v...

a wedding

4 Tips to Make Your Wedding in Kansas Memorable

When it comes to organizing weddings, Kansas is not exactly the first thing that comes to people&...

Perennial flowers in the garden

4 Tips in Growing Perennial Flowers

Perennial flowers are an umbrella term for flowering plants that live for more than two years. Becau...

Hands with the phone close-up pictures of restaurant food

The 3 P’s of Restaurant Promotion

More often than not, promoting restaurants has become more difficult because of the buzz generated o...

New Study Cites the Benefit of Eating Seafood to Cognition

Dining at Orange Beach Alabama bars doesn’t only give you an obstructed view of the sunset or de...

4 Ways to Level up Your Salon Business

Running a business is inherently risky. But there is art and science involved in tackling these risk...

Taking a Style Path: Career Options for You

Starting a career in style is something you should consider if you’re highly interested in app...