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If it’s easy to wake up early in the morning, more people would be doing it. more Before you schedule that next extravagant team vacation or newest game system more In a 2015 study, researchers found that Americans are still getting fatter more Everyone wants a better life, more options, more success, and plenty of more Going completely gluten-free can be quite a challenge. However, it does not more


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powder base make-up

Understanding the Right Kind of Makeup for You

Hundreds of beauty trends exist at the moment, and the most prominent of these trends are those that...


Why Fashion and Style Matters in the Boardroom and on the Slopes

Your appearance can boost your career. But for some men, shopping for men’s clothes can be a c...

Three Tips for A Worry-free Solo Vacation

Going on a solo vacation can be overwhelming, especially if it’s your first time. Still, it...

a female business owner standing on a kiosk on her clothing business

Important Questions to Ask Before Starting a Retail Clothing Business

Clothing is high on everyone’s list of basic needs, perhaps just after food. And because of th...

Jack O lantern

Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas for 2018

It’s the spookiest time of the year! Whether you waited until the last minute or simply forgot...

beauty soap made with oatmeal

Soap Made with Science: What I Learned After Using Kedma’s Anti-cellulite Soap

Using soap is an effective way of cleansing the body. Hence, many Filipino households have soap, whi...

photo of an outside of the house focusing on the front door

4 Expert Tips for Buying an Energy-Efficient Exterior Door

According to the Demand Institute, increased energy efficiency is one of the unmet needs of American...


Photo Retouching for High-quality Images

Did you know that taking photos, even with the best of digital cameras, does not guarantee images of...

man having haircut

How to Choose Hairdressing Scissors

Scissors are of the most important tools professional barbers and hairdressers have for doing their ...

jeweler in workshop. Materials and tools on table in front of him.

Guide in Finding a Reputable Jeweler

Jewelry is not just a celebration of life’s important milestones. It can also be an investment...