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Put Your Best Foot Forward: Awesome Anklet Designs That Should be Part of Your Closet

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Most ladies pay close attention to accessories on every part of their body but neglect their feet. Although your feet are not instantly noticeable, taking them for granted could ruin your overall look.

One way you can “accessorize” your feet, like the rest of your body, is to adorn your ankles with an anklet that matches every outfit, whether you’re wearing formal or casual.

Anklets come in different materials, but gold anklets for women stand out from the rest. These come in different designs which match different outfits and occasions.

Here are the most versatile anklet designs you should have in your closet.

Star Anklets

Stars can make everything happier and brighter. Star anklets are hence designed to liven up virtually any outfit effortlessly. The design includes stars hung on a thin metallic band, which adds a twinkle to your ankles. Star anklets are light and generally inexpensive as their design does not use so much material.

Rainbow Anklets

These are the perfect choice for women who want to add color to their feet. They are guaranteed to attract attention to your feet without coming across as excessive. Rainbow anklets have beads in different colors around the band with hanging gold or silver pieces. They match perfectly with black, grey and brown outfits and make your look bold and bright.

Thick Anklets

These anklets are made up of a thick metal band with intricate designs and large patterns which echo a gothic feel. Though they can be worn for different occasions, they are usually a preserve of weddings. They are the perfect choice for those who want to flaunt the anklets and draw attention to their feet.

Anklets were not so popular in the past, but they make an essential element in outfits these days. With the above designs, you can adorn your feet with minimal effort, and you can never go wrong with whatever you wear.

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