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3 Easy Tips for Negotiating a Better Price When Buying a Boat

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So after months of searching among various pontoon boats for sale in Michigan, you’ve finally found the perfect boat. After visiting her a few times, you can already envision all the little additions you’re going to do to transform her into the boat of your dreams. There’s just one last hurdle though. You still need to settle on the price. How do you ensure that you pay as little as possible for your dream boat? Here are a few tips.

1. Do your research

Before quoting your offer, it is important to do your homework regarding the average price of boats similar to the one you are thinking of buying in the market. You can get the information off the internet. You can even print out the information and bring it with you when negotiating for the price of the boat. Having cold hard facts gives you firm ground to stand on when negotiating.

2. Don’t fall for the electronics

If you are buying a used boat, it’s very likely it’ll come with various electronic gadgets that the owner installed. Tell the seller that you’re prepared to replace the electronics, so they shouldn’t think about charging you for them. Usually, the electronics will be dated anyway, so most sellers will be willing to reduce the asking price once you make it clear you’re not interested in them.

3. List all repair and upgrades needed

You aren’t going to buy a boat you haven’t inspected, are you? As you do the inspection, make a list of all the repair issues you’ll need to handle once you buy the boat. If there are missing or defective parts that’ll need to be replaced, take note of them too. Then assign an approximate cost for these repairs and ask the seller to deduct it from the asking price.

Just because you have fallen in love with a boat does not mean that you have to pay more for it than you should. By utilizing a few negotiating tricks, you can get a great deal on your dream boat.

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