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What Is The Experience of Having Teeth Whitening in Camden Like?

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It’s essential for patients to understand what their dental treatment will be like before they go ahead. Not only is this important from an experiential point of view, it’s also part of getting informed consent. They cannot agree to a procedure if they do not know what will happen.

The results of a treatment like teeth whitening in Camden can vary from patient to patient. This is because everyone presents with different circumstances such as a variety of stains on their teeth or a different idea of what they want their smile to look like. Fortunately, a good dental clinician, like those at Ace Dental, is able to get all the information they need from their patient to provide clear guidelines on what to expect from treatment. The patients that have realistic expectations going into teeth whitening treatment invariably have a better experience, and they are happier with the results.

A dental practice will often have more than one way that patients can choose to have teeth whitening in Camden. These vary depending on the practice and the type of whitening product that they choose to work with but, broadly speaking, they can be divided into two types:

  • In-clinic – this is where the patient has their entire treatment in a relatively short appointment at their chosen clinic. They need to have custom-made trays constructed in advance. If they have never had treatment at the practice before, a patient will need to have their teeth checked to ensure that whitening is right for them;
  • At-home – if someone wants to complete their teeth whitening at home, they can get a package of equipment from their dentist to do this. This might include trays, whitening gel and other accessories to make sure everything goes smoothly. They take this home and wear the trays, filled with the gel, close to their teeth overnight. The advantage of using a professional dental practice for this work is that they get the custom-made trays and dental grade whitening products which are usually stronger that brands that can be bought over-the-counter. They also get the advice and support of a skilled clinician.

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