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Eye-Catching Hairstyles for 2018

There is always the quest for new hairstyles. The public seeks it and is part of being trendy. This is true for men as it is for women. If you want to keep up, you have to make sure to have professional barber clippers on hand to experiment with your own personal look.


The man bun and beard are still here. This has been one of the rebellious standards that challenged the style of earlier clean cut generations. The pre-millennial period featured a lack of facial hair for men’s fashion. The total reversal of fashion clearly exploited long beards and hair tied in a bun. What is still manly is that the bun is centered, whether at the back or the top and almost never near the nape.

Another surprise is the revised buss cut that has also seen a renaissance in the past few years. Cut 3-by 4 or 4-by-5, but with medium length hair and a fringe, giving a modern take on the military short hair. With the military look being fashionable again, this hairstyle requires a good bearing and a positive projection.

Short Hair

It seems that sporting short hair also never did go out of style. It just lingered around and is now often seen where the corporate look meets a tough-looking man who keeps fit. There is the high-and-tight, which is pretty much a crew cut grown for about a week. It is low maintenance, and can easily be replicated by any barber. It also goes well with a short beard. It also goes well with some gel or even an old-fashioned pomade. The hair is parted to the side and can be carried off in a rakish manner.

Alternatively, you can have the top cut long and combed back. Pomade or gel would keep it standing and well made up. This helps keep the focus on the face and goes well with a sparkle in the eyes to attract the women.

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