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3 Pool Games You May Find Fun

pool table in entertainment room

You’re familiar with the 8-ball and 9-ball games, as you might have played them in billiard bars in Markham, ON. Yet, there are pool players who created variations of these games to make them more challenging and fun. Here are a few examples of pool games you probably haven’t tried yet:

1. One-Pocket

Two players or teams can play this game. Before the game starts, each player or team will select one of the two corner pockets. The balls they hit should only sink in their respective pockets. There’s no specific order to the numbered balls. The first to score eight balls into their own pocket wins. In some variations, the player or team to pocket the 8-ball wins.

2. 7-Ball

This game uses a hexagonal rack, arranging seven balls with number 7 at the center and number 1 in front. Or you may also use the diagonal rack sideways to get the same ball arrangement. After the break, the opponent will select which pocket should the 7-ball sink. Balls 1 to 6 can be pocketed anywhere during the game. The player who pockets the 7-ball at the correct designated pocket wins.

3. Golf Billiards

Like golf, this uses only one ball. The player must sink it into the pockets in a specific order. If a player makes a shot, the opponent sets the ball anywhere on the table. The player tries to sink the ball in his or her next designated pocket.

These are a few variations of pool. Imagine yourself playing, and enjoying mouth-watering burgers and drinks in a billiard bar in Markham. Why not sponsor a fun event like this for an enjoyable experience?

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