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Types of Hair Scissors Tension Systems

Hair extensions

People using hair scissors know how crucial it is that they can handle it comfortably. As it is, many scissors are for right-handed people. For the left-handed hair stylist, this means that they will be trying to work with a tool not intended for them, which is extremely difficult.

Fortunately, with the advancement in technology, manufacturers are now striving to make hair shears versatile enough to suit both left- and right-handed people. What is more is, they make allowances for people who use their middle finger or ring finger, people with big thumbs and people who prefer to have their index finger free.

Whatever the design, the shears will have one of the following tension systems.

Dry bearing system

Here, the solid point that pivots the scissors has resin, making the shears easy to open and close. Due to this design, the hair stylist will need minimal maintenance and most of it will revolve around the blade and not the joint. You are likely to find this design in a lightweight hair shear.

Adjustable screw system

As the name suggests, this scissor allows you to adjust it to your specifications. It has a fine screw, 0.35mm in size, which makes it possible to fine-tune the shears. With this system, you can play around with the measurements to give yourself a stabilised grip to help your cutting to be more accurate.

Flat screw system

Scissors with this system have very light blades, and so they are unlikely to loosen. Part of the appeal of these scissors is the design that keeps the machine in position all the time. Since the screw used is flat, it does not interfere with the cutting.

Without prior experience, it might be difficult to identify which system is which in scissors. Worse yet, it may difficult to pick out the most comfortable one for your hair cutting needs. Always make a point to inquire before you make a purchase.

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