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The Principles of Spiritual Yoga

Woman performing yoga

Application of yoga principles transforms your life in the way you look, feel, and how you deal with issues. As such, they lead you to a life full of success and spiritual growth.

Many spiritual retreats blend in the art and the science of yoga to give you a higher level of spirituality and awareness. It incorporates yoga philosophy, meditation, pranayama, sun salutations and asana development.

That said, before planning for the next spiritual yoga retreats, here are the principles that make your yoga full.

The law of pure potentiality

This law aims at helping you understand your spiritual essence. It achieves this through quieting the mind and ensuring that you are present at the same time, through breathing awareness or mantra meditation.

This law emphasises the need for connecting with nature since it is the source of pure consciousness and everything else that exists in the physical world.

The law of giving and receiving

This law focuses on understanding the natural flow of a normal life. One achieves this through breathing exercises and Platt fingers practices.

By breathing in, you are receiving Prana and oxygen, which is the force that animates and enlivens you. By breathing out, on the other hand, you remove carbon dioxide and other toxins, which affect your body and also forms part of the letting go process in your body.

The law of least effort

Also interpreted as the principle of allowing, this law promotes the thought of not fighting the circumstances or situations that you find yourself in. Total acceptance gives you space to derive a creative and working solution to your current problems.

In the end, it teaches you to accept the current situation in readiness for more important and worthwhile things that are on the way.

The principles mentioned above should be applied daily and continuously. The laws will continue to bring out deeper meanings making your life more organised and complete. They also change your negative attitude towards life, and as a result, you start appreciating it more.

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