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Looking for an Engagement Ring? Learn the Basics First

Man proposing to his girlfriend

You are in that stage in your life — you want to make your loved one feel special and secure in your love for them. Unfortunately, buying an engagement ring is proving to be a daunting task, especially for you who has no prior knowledge to go on.

As a pro tip, the perfect ring will put into account her personality, lifestyle and daily activities — and not just your budget. With that said, you are better off with custom engagement rings in Salt Lake City. They will quickly meet those considerations. More importantly, you can get the ring in the size you want.

The following are three engagement ring stones and cuts that fit different styles that you can consider:

1. The Round Brilliant Cut

For diamond, this shape is by far the most popular with women. It has 58 facets that ensure maximum reflection so you can be sure that your bride will stand out. This ring is perfect for a traditional and elegant bride. Even with the passing of time, it never looks out of style.

2. The Emerald

This ring’s stone has a sizeable table-like appearance. It is perfect for showcasing cuts with high clarity. The design of the rock elongates the hand and makes the ring more flattering. This ring is ideal for a bride with a glamorous lifestyle — one who understands luxury but does not want to go over the top.

3. The Cushion

A cut for almost any stone, this has softened corners that emphasize the stone. The cut is best for substantial stone cuts. The ring has a distinctive vintage feel but also a charm that feels strangely up to date. It is an excellent ring choice for the romantic with a taste for the old elegance with modern twists.

If you still feel overwhelmed or unsure, you can propose using a temporary diamond setting. That way, your bride gets to choose the engagement ring she most prefers.

Women participate in more than 60% of engagement ring purchase decisions, so you can rest assured you are in good company asking her to choose. She will thank you for it.

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