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3 Ways You Can Build Your Cowboy Outfit with Some Modern Flair

cowboy outfit

The wild, wild west has many style inspirations that you can apply to your own personal flair. This only goes to show that western lifestyle is classic and enduring. From the boots to the bandana, the style pieces you put on can capture everyone’s attention.

If you’re experimenting with different styles, you may want to try the western look. This is also a nice theme to integrate into your fashion if you’re into the eclectic style. Looking for some ways to execute it? Here are some nice and tasteful ideas you may want to take note of:

Put on some layers

If plaid and gingham shirts are quite linear and flat for you, you can always go for layering. To achieve a much modern look, you can wear a white or acid Grey shirt and top it off with a checkered button-down. If you want to get those print-on-print aesthetics, a rock star T-shirt will do. For women, you can go for boyfriend plaid shirts for more volume.

Leather is a nice touch

The western aesthetics is big on leather. If you’re an avid footwear collector, you may want to buy a pair of men’s cowboy boots on sale. You can go for plain boots or those that come with designs and brogue. If you’re not a fan of footwear, however, a leather jacket or vest is something that you can use for your layering endeavors.

Finish it with a hat

Finally, accentuate your head with a nice cowboy hat. This is something that you can proudly wear in the city. What’s good about is that it’s functional. Invest in a nice, flexible hat that you can wear with different clothing pieces.

The pointers above are just some of the easiest ways to achieve the western look with some modernity. You can always seek inspiration from look books and fashion magazines.

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