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Is Your Hair Stylist Using the Right Scissors?

a hair stylist cutting hair

If you have a thick mane of hair, you know how hot it can get during summer. Barbers and hair stylists rely on thinning scissors to reduce excessive hair volume. The difference between those scissors and the standard scissors is that they have a straight and a toothed blade. The teeth allow one to cut some hair while leaving the rest in between them.

There are different thinning scissors types, each doing different things. A hair stylist might need to use each of them during your haircut. As it is, some haircuts are only possible if these three types of scissors are used.

Texturising and Blending scissors

These scissors are general purpose tools. More often than not, they are used to even out hair after thinning, but they can also be used to thin hair. They usually have up to 25 teeth that allow them to remove up to 50% of hair in a few cuts.

Chunking scissors

Chunking scissors typically have between seven and 15 teeth. The smaller the number of teeth, the wider they are spaced making the scissors ideal for thinning thick, bulky and curly hair. A single professional cut can remove up to 80% of hair. Additionally, chunking scissors can be used to create hair notches.

Finishing scissors

After your hair has been thinned, the hair stylist will need to align the edges, even out some strands or even puff it. The finishing scissor is ideal for adding the fine details to a haircut. It can create transitions, holes or stairs making a cut stand out.

Having the right tool for the job is half as important as having the skills to do the job. When it comes to hair thinning, the apparatus may even have more importance. Hair is an essential part of how people express and identify themselves. A hair stylist with the right equipment goes a long way to inspire their customers’ confidence in their skills.

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