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Things to Take Note of Before You Hire a Wedding Caterer

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Weddings are big social affairs that everyone remembers many years after. Apart from an impressive venue and a touching ceremony, guests are most likely to remember the food and drinks served during the reception.

In South Wales, United Kingdom, wedding caterers go to great lengths to make sure that the food is of top-notch quality and that their customer service is second to none. This not only makes the bride and groom happy on their special day but everyone in the reception as well.

If you want to hire a caterer for your wedding reception, here are three important things you must remember:

Set a Fixed Budget

Setting budget expectations and headcount early will allow you and your caterer to prepare something special for the reception. And while you may have a list of confirmed guests, you should allot a few extra servings for people you may not have counted. These include staff who work on the lights and sounds, the photographers and videographers, etc. They weren’t included in the list of people you sent invitations to, so it was not possible for them to RSVP. About 10 to 15 extra portions or an extra table setting for additional guests should be enough.

Ask for Several Menu Options

When having any event or celebration catered, it’s important to take dietary restrictions due to medical conditions into consideration. People with allergies to shellfish, nuts, or berries should be given different dishes. Alternatively, some couples do away with common allergens in their menus to be on the safe side. Before you sign up with a caterer, ask for several menu options as well as for a tasting of their best dishes. The same rules apply to wedding cake suppliers if you won’t be ordering your cakes from your caterer.

Alcohol and Other Beverages

Drinks are a must-have for parties and celebrations. You can arrange to have this included in the catering package or bring in the alcoholic beverages to the venue by yourself. Be sure to ask about corkage fees when you sign a contract with the venue provider. You can arrange for several cases of beer or a fixed number of wine bottles to be included in the package quote. Whatever is not consumed can be taken home or given away to guests and family.

These are just three things you need to run by your caterer when preparing for a wedding. The last thing you want is to have guests complain about the food or comment that they weren’t fed during the reception. It pays to get these things out of the way early on.

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