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5 Easy Pita Bread Recipes

Pita bread on a plate

Have you been slacking off on cooking healthy meals because you just didn’t have time? Is your family affected by it and often find themselves turning to fast food? Wellness expert Bless This Mess believes that it shouldn’t be difficult to feed your family healthy food and still have time for yourself.

And one great way to do that is to stack up on pita bread. This kind of bread, also known as Arabic, Lebanese, or Syrian bread, is made from wheat flour that’s slightly leavened, therefore also called a flatbread.

You can make your own or buy ready-made pitas that you can just pop in a toaster and use with these quick and easy pita meal ideas.

1. Avocado Egg Pizza

Put a layer of mashed avocado on a pita. Fry a sunny-side up and put it over the avocado while seasoning with salt and pepper for a filling breakfast.

2. Berries and Cream Cheese Pita

Process a little butter, cream cheese, and sugar until it becomes smooth. Spread this mixture on to a toasted pita and shower with the berries of your choice. Fresh or dried, this dessert is also a good breakfast meal.

3. Chicken, Cheese and Lettuce in a Pocket Pita

Boil some chicken breasts and cut them into strips. Stuff them in a pita pocket with grated cheese and lettuce for a wonderfully filling lunch.

4. Cheesy Jalapeño Pizza

Sprinkle some cheddar and mozzarella on a pita and top with slices of jalapeño. Pop it in the oven until the cheese melts and enjoy this spicy treat with a cold glass of lemon iced tea.

5. Garlic Yogurt Shrimp Dip with Pita

Mix minced garlic and cut up shrimp in yogurt and dip your pita cut-ups in it. You can enjoy this while watching a movie or lounging by the pool.

These could be snacks or a whole meal; it’s all up to you. There are a thousand other ways to eat pita bread; the only limit is your imagination. Teach your kids to create their own pitas and watch them have fun as they eat wholesome, healthy food.

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