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The 3 P’s of Restaurant Promotion

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More often than not, promoting restaurants has become more difficult because of the buzz generated online. For this reason, some restaurants here in Tunbridge Wells have improved sales by widening its presence, utilising promos, and integrating parties into its services.


A restaurant must maintain a traditional and an online presence. On the one hand, nurturing a conventional presence includes signage, which may help draw passing customers in. It may also announce incentives that the restaurant is having at the moment. Some restaurants provide diners with a copy of the menu.

An online buzz, on the other hand, may magnify restaurant presence. Tourists are customers, too, and a very good reputation can draw in travellers from around the world. The restaurant may find ways to improve its services and facilities especially when a restaurant has a negative reputation.

Taking note of good reviews as generated by customers in portals such as travel forums may also signal the restaurant to expand.


Incentives and promos should provide additional value to the restaurant. A meal, discounted by 75%, is suspicious. Customers may think that the food is not good. Conversely, promos such as providing a dessert if the bill reaches a certain amount may encourage diners to order more food.

Gift vouchers may be a wonderful gift to anyone, especially if they have no expiry date. Having a loyalty card may also increase the number of diners significantly, as well as satisfied customers may return not only once, but multiple times.


Affordable packages for events such as Mother’s Day may also draw diners in. Further, weddings are bound not only to be lucrative but an effective advertisement as well.

These are just some of the ways a restaurant can grow its business. There are others; all you need to do is research them on the web.

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