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Taking a Style Path: Career Options for You

Starting a career in style is something you should consider if you’re highly interested in applied form and function. It’s a career worth taking, especially if you have a mad devotion to aesthetic. The styling industry, however, is vast. There are many jobs concerning beauty, and its best to know specifically what you want.

If you’re confused with what to take, look at your strengths and assess where you can apply them. Below are some examples of career options. Remember that each of them still requires intensive training, passion, and devotion:

Fashion Stylist

Love clothes, shoes, and accessories? If you’ve always been complimented because you dress well, you may consider becoming a fashion stylist. This profession will also open up a lot of opportunities for you. Eventually, you may transition to becoming a fashion designer, a costume designer for TV and theatrical productions, and visual merchandisers for apparel brands. For some, this career path paves the way to building an e-commerce brand.


If you’re particular about your hair that you trim and style it yourself, you may consider becoming a hairstylist. There are many institutions that may help you improve your styling acumen. Eventually, you can get your own barber shop supplies online and build your own shop. You can even become a personal hairstylist.

Make-up Artist

If colors and palettes are your thing, you may choose to become a makeup artist. You can start your own personal brand and build a client base. You can start with being commissioned by brides-to-be and photographers. Or if you want, you can become an online sensation by doing makeup reviews.

These are only some of the things you need to keep in mind if you want to take a career in the style industry. Build your network and value the people you meet along the way.

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