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A Majority of Americans Prefer Australia for Vacation Rentals in 2017

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uluru rockExpedia, a well-known travel website, listed four Australian cities on the top five destinations for U.S. tourists. Melbourne ranked first, followed by the Gold Coast, Sydney and Brisbane. The city of Orland in Florida landed on the third spot.

As such, it’s no wonder that and other accommodation experts noted that kit cabins, log cottages, and other vacation rentals in Australia emerged as the top country for Americans that want to spend time abroad.

Tourism Trends

Expedia based its analysis of American tourists’ point of sale in the website between January 1 and November 15. It showed that a majority of travellers searched and booked for international trips to Cancun, Mexico, and London.

John Morrey, Expedia vice president and general manager, said that the results are quite surprising given recent events such as hurricanes and travel advisories in these destinations. Still, it only indicated that Americans remain determined to visit these places. U.S. tourists may pick Australia as their first choice for vacation rentals, but those from China spend the most when they travel to the Land Down Under.

Chinese Visitors

Chinese tourists have spent $10.3 billion during their stay in Australia in the past 12 months to September, according to the International Visitor Survey. This marked the first time that the Chinese spent more than $10 billion, which makes them an important market for Australia.

The amount also eclipsed the figure spent by New Zealand tourists, yet more people paid a visit to the country in the same period. There were 1.35 million Kiwis that went to Australia compared to 1.33 million Chinese visitors. These numbers helped the local tourism industry to record $41.2 billion of overall expenses.

Americans’ penchant for vacation rentals and Chinese tourists’ record amount of spending provide Australians with different business opportunities. Coming into 2018, it seems foreign visitor arrivals will continue to increase in the country.

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