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How to Rock With Those Leather Boots: Basic Types and Matching Outfits

Leather boot over a belt and pants

Leather boot over a belt and pantsMade in USA men’s boots can make you look stylish and dignified. Footwear expert HELM Boots USA, LLC states this is true, but only as long as you match the boots with the appropriate outfit. For you who want to try out leather boots for the first time, you can have difficulty doing the matching.

You do not even know the different kinds of boots out there. To help you choose your first pair of boots, and to wear them the right way, you can check out the brief overviews of different boots below.

Versatile Ankle Boots

When entering the world of leather boots, you can start with ankle boots. These boots simply refer to boots reaching to or a little above the ankles. To wear them well, you can match them with a full suit, chino pants, or denim.

When you do wear denim, roll the sleeves up to keep the denim from covering the boots.

Rugged Combat Boots

You can wear ankle boots with a variety of different outfits; ranging from the formal to the casual. When you want more casual boots, however, you can turn instead to combat boots. Combat boots look like the footwear worn by soldiers, giving them a rugged look.

You can play to the ruggedness of the boots with casual denim, leather, or edgy outfits in dark colors.

Casual Work Boots

Aside from combat boots, work boots can work great with casual looks. You can even be more relaxed in your outfit choices with work boots. You can simply wear slim-fit jeans and a t-shirt with brown work boots, and you can strut around town already.

Edgy Biker Boots

Finally, when you feel more adventurous, you can try on a pair of biker boots as you go out for the night. You can complete the biker look with neutral shirts, a black leather jacket, and black skinny jeans. When you own a motorcycle, biker boots look even greater.

You can find many other kinds of boots out there, but first-timers can start with the ones above. Even if it is your first time wearing boots, you can rock them easily with the appropriate outfits.

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