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Marriage Proposal: Should it be Public or Private?

Newly engaged couple

If you’re considering popping the question, you probably know that you have to get down on one knee with an engagement ring. What you may be confused about, however, is where and how to do it. Should you pick a memorable or an elegant place? What would she like better, a public or a private proposal?

Keep in mind that the goal of a marriage proposal is expressing your love and willingness to spend your life with a special someone. Proposal planners and engagement ring stores in Salt Lake City note that the proposal itself is already romantic, but you need to do it right and it should reflect your partner’s personality.

What is Your Partner’s Personality?

If your girl has an outgoing personality and like receiving attention, a public proposal may be the right choice. If your significant other, however, is shy and reserved, doing it in front of an audience may seem too much for her. While proposal videos are a hit today, know that it is not a competition or a performance. Consider the personality of your partner before deciding where to pop the question.

What Does Public Mean?

If you honestly believe a public proposal will make her feel more special, you still have to do it carefully. Make sure to plan for it and don’t do this to impress the crowd. The word “public” can also mean a lot of things. You may propose in front of family and friends (or staff and patrons in a restaurant) or in a bigger crowd like a special event.

Can You Imitate Other Proposals?

Regardless of your approach, bear in mind that the proposal should be all about declaring your love and eagerness to commit. It’s worth doesn’t depend on how many have seen it or how many views and shares it got. You have to be unique and take into account what will make your other half feel special. You don’t need to imitate proposal videos YouTube or outperform other guys.

If it is the right time to tie the knot, make sure to create a moment that is comfortable and special for your partner. Note that it is not right to put the pressure on her in front of a large stadium with strangers if she doesn’t like being the center of attention.

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